Welcome, If you haven’t already seen from social media, I’m a suburban homesteader and gardener that works to get closer to a sustainable lifestyle each day. I’m also a father, husband, outdoor enthusiast, competitive shooter, hunter, fisherman, and more. There is quite a variety of topics that will be discussed here. Be sure to follow on Instagram and YouTube, and please comment or drop a question if something catches your eye.

I host monthly gatherings to help anyone who’s interested in learning or practicing whatever the topic is that day. New people are always welcome to join us, feel free to ask questions and learn something new.

Gardening and Homesteading

Self reliance and DIY skills

Bushcraft and Camping/Hiking

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What is preparedness?

What is preparedness? In this context I am referring to being prepared for weather related emergency situations primarily. To me, being prepared is about keeping my lifestyle and family functioning safely and comfortably no matter what the situation is around us. As I write this in 2021, a year into the post Covid world, along … Continue reading What is preparedness?

Victory Gardens

I am often told by people that they wish they could garden but don’t have the space. This often isn’t true. Even in apartments and town homes with no yards, you can still grow your own produce. Start supplementing your produce or even take charge of your food security and provide your family with fresh … Continue reading Victory Gardens

Fall 2020 Garden

This garden was an experiment in many ways. First, we have never grown a winter garden. Second, since we missed the regular planting times for a late summer garden this ended up being a autumn/fall garden. Now we do not have much of a fall in southeast Texas. It’s more of a relaxed summer. The … Continue reading Fall 2020 Garden

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