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The goal is to get more people about to provide more for themselves. With monthly skills classes you can come learn a new skill or practice one you already have among people of similar interests. Along with our monthly events, we have a Telegram community chat room for people to connect and stay in contact. The chat room is a place we encourage everyone to share and barter their extra goods and produce. You can also offer any skills you have their, or find someone to help you with an issue. With several rooms to be in, there’s always a conversation to be had.

Check out the events page to see the upcoming dates. As always, email with any questions you may have. Be safe out there, and go get your hands dirty.

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How can you help?

What can you do to help make a difference? What will you do to make a difference? I do not ask the question to be condescending. I ask them with the hopes that we can all be honest about what we can or cant personally do. How can each of us do something to make … Continue reading How can you help?

This is not the end.

Things have gotten crazy lately. (Writing January 20, 2021) Trump is no longer the president of the USA. Now Biden has been sworn in as the commander-in-chief of the nation. Big tech has been mass censoring many people for many reasons. Literally thousands of social media accounts have been deleted on liberal owned platforms. Some … Continue reading This is not the end.

Fall 2020 Garden

This garden was an experiment in many ways. First, we have never grown a winter garden. Second, since we missed the regular planting times for a late summer garden this ended up being a autumn/fall garden. Now we do not have much of a fall in southeast Texas. It’s more of a relaxed summer. The … Continue reading Fall 2020 Garden