Concealed Carry

I believe each of us should be responsible for our own actions. Most people would agree. However, I also feel that we should all take our own personal safety into more consideration also. I usually carried a pistol in my truck or had it at home for a long time. But when I became a father and husband my responsibilities increased.

Ensuring my own safety for the well being of my family is one part. The bigger part is providing safety and security for my family as a whole. How many times have a seen someone with evil intentions walk into a movie theater or public building or store and just open fire? With no warning or provocation, innocent’s are cold bloodedly murdered. I refuse to allow that to happen. I feel a duty to my family and my community to assist in providing protection to those who can’t protect themselves. I will never search out a gun battle. But I will absolutely try my best to save a life if the opportunity presents itself. This is why I carry.

Should you carry? That is a question for each person to ask themselves. Are you willing to be defenseless? Are you willing to wait for police or EMS while people are dying around you? What if your family are the ones caught in the wrong place at the wrong time? The average US response time for police after a 911 call is around ten minutes. Alot of terrible things can happen in that time. As for what to carry, that’s totally a personal choice. The debates are endless over what is better than what, which caliber is best, which brand is more reliable, what company makes the best ammo, and so on. Find something that you can actually shoot well. Try to find it in a size that is manageable for you to carry on your person, in a holster, all day every day. If it’s uncomfortable to carry, then you won’t carry it. If it’s uncomfortable to shoot, then you won’t practice with it.

You don’t need to break the bank and have the coolest $3000 custom Gucci Glock. But try to find something with a good track record of reliability. Glock, Smith & Wesson, Sig, and CZ are obviously popular, and rightfully so. With their popularity comes cheaper magazines and the largest selection of holsters you could imagine. The aftermarket is a valid reason to look at one pistol over another. Finding the right holster for you is critical, so why not pick one with the largest amount of options.

Until next time. Train often, train hard, and be safe.

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