Freedom, Security, & Responsibility

“Lock-down” and “Stay Home Orders”

These terms are now know in every household in America, and most homes around the world. But is it worth it? Is the so called cure worth the sacrifice? We are strangling the worlds economy. We are plummeting millions of people into debt and financial ruin. For what? Because someone on TV told us too? Is giving up your Constitutional rights something your OK with? Not me. People in great numbers are far to willing to give up all their rights out of fear. They are willing to throw away their freedom of assembly, freedom of movement, freedom of religious worship and practice, and in some cases the sanctity and safety of their homes. All out of fear. Because someone they have never met before goes on TV and tells them to be scared.

We have outsourced all of our responsibilities. We rely on farmers on the other side of the country to grow us food, and hope it’s not sprayed with poison. We rely on police to keep us safe, even though they always show up after the crime has been committed. We rely on manufacturers of products to repair them for us because they use propitiatory tools and parts, and/or will punish you for repairing your own property. These are just a few examples of our lack of personal responsibility.

The human race used to thrive on personal responsibility. We would each be responsible to grow our own food, make things to fulfill our needs, repair and modify our own property, build and maintain our own homes. This is how life has been for hundreds, even thousands of years. If you couldn’t make it, grow it, or build it, you could enlist outside help or barter money, goods, or services to take up any slack. And as crazy as it sounds, nobody had any right to tax this transaction between 2 private individuals, can you still say that today? We used to pride ourselves in our ability to defend ourselves, our families, and our communities. Now you risk having your life ruined if you try and help a stranger. We have been deemed unworthy of this ability and are now treated as criminals.

But now days, people are weak and lazy. They don’t want to be responsible for themselves. They would rather wrap themselves in the lies of Facebook and the main stream media, than actually get up and try to make the world a better place. Even if that only means removing the burden of caring for you and your family from the responsibility of the many. Too many people are comfortable living in the welfare state. This is unacceptable. Far too many people that are not worthy receive benefits meant for our disabled, low income homes, and seniors. The fruits of all the hard work that the many do are being stolen to fund back room deals and line the pockets of the corrupt. We have been deceived for too long.

The curtain is finally being pulled back though. People are waking up to reality at an ever increasing pace. They are seeing that taxation is theft. They see that their taxes are not fixing schools, roads, infrastructure, and more. Our schools are failing. Our communities falling into disrepair. And nobody seems to notice or care. This too is unacceptable.

Make the big companies and the government hear you buy not complying. Barter for your goods and avoid paying sales tax. Start a victory garden and don’t support “Big Ag”. Get as much of your food locally as you can. Help out the family farms across the nation, and in return you’ll get the best and cleanest food available. Look into raising backyard chickens for eggs, or a meat pen of rabbits for a steady meat supply. Bring back some of the practices used by the frontiersmen and pioneers of old. In a large way, much of that knowledge has been lost. Revive it and thrive.

Remember, NO GOVERNMENT ever returns rights and privileges after they take them away. It is not in the nature of the “ruling class” to relinquish power. Once you hand over ANY rights or privileges, they are gone forever. In almost every example in history the only way to get them back is by force. Don’t go any further down this path. America is being eroded away bit by bit. What was once a great and free country is now living under the rule of slavery through taxation. Although things are not where they should be, we can’t give up. Our children and grandchildren are counting on us.

It is time to be heard. It is time to say enough. Grow you own food. Fix your own car or truck. Mend or make your own clothes. Repair your own home. Go to the farmers market and support local businesses. Get a rifle for each adult in your family and teach them how to use it. Take control of your life! Refuse to be just another indentured servant.

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