This is not the end.

Things have gotten crazy lately. (Writing January 20, 2021)

Trump is no longer the president of the USA. Now Biden has been sworn in as the commander-in-chief of the nation.

Big tech has been mass censoring many people for many reasons. Literally thousands of social media accounts have been deleted on liberal owned platforms. Some of the big conservative platforms have been completely shut down and taken offline.

The government has shut down a great majority of the economy in the name of covid-19. Many jobs and lives have been ruined and lost due to the shut downs/lockdowns. While the virus is real, and people have died from it, we can not allow our communities to fail. We can not shut down all commerce and decide which people don’t deserve to keep getting their paycheck.

We can’t intentionally plow under and euthanize millions of pounds of fruit, vegetables, and meat, and expect no future food shortage. If you didn’t know, starting in spring of 2020 an incredible amount of food was purposefully destroyed. This alone disrupted the jobs tied to food growing, processing, and packaging. PLAN NOW before the shortage hits. Get what you need to sustain yourselves and your families.

(A little side note for those who like the gossip. Bill Gates is now the largest owner of farm land in the country. He’s also a know globalist and believes in population control…)

Start your victory garden immediately.

If you need help with your garden or homestead email me or join our telegram chat to discuss possible options. It’s free and we all share experience and ideas.

Unfortunately I talk to more than I’d like that feel down about things. But life isn’t over. There’s still plenty of good left. With each day our own continues grow and get stronger. We are building a trading network for everyone to share their extra produce from their gardens.

Things might be changing. But we can make sure that they change for the better.

Join our chats. Come meet like minds. We are all just folks that want to raise our families in peace. Provide for ourselves. Live in a safe and happy community. These are things to strive for. With a little effort and a little time, we can make them real.

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