Summer 2020 Garden

This will be a write-up with the successes and failures of the summer 2020 garden. I have been asked how we went about building our garden several times now. So I figured I’d make a post about the whole thing. This is our first garden at our new house. We moved in during the late part of summer 2019 and missed the planting season. We decided to start fresh with spring 2020. We already had our chickens at this time, but this was the first step in our gardens at the house.

We rented a tiller from Home Depot and tilled up a 12 ft by 15 ft section in our backyard. We tilled the dirt about 12 to 16 inches deep throughout the entire space. I didn’t bother removing the grass beforehand, I just raked out what I could during and after tilling the space. We found pieces of metal pipe and multiple concrete pads from the foundation of a playground that used to be in our yard. We had no idea any of it was there. After hitting the second one, I grabbed a trusty pair of work boots to continue the job.

March 29th, The beginning

Afterwards became an hoed rows so that we had five total. Later after the plants grew a little taller and started needing support and structure to climb we added several trellis to the garden. 3 in back had trellis installed, and the other two were left as just a mounds.

March 29th

The back row has 2 zucchini. 2nd from the back is yellow squash. 3rd from the back is pickling cucumbers. 4th from the back is tomatoes, large roma on the left and black cherry on the right. In the black buckets on the right are jalapeno peppers.

May 5th

The zucchini row was going to be shared with a climber of some sort. But they were so successful we removed the trellis and let them continue to grow. Added in the far left corner was a bush variety roma tomato. Roughly the center on the pic, just to the left and below of the forward most t-post, you can see our chives. They are kitchen waste cuts from HEB produce. They grew to be huge with many repeating harvest.

May 31st

Center right is the cucumbers going strong. We harvest a couple times a week and have more than we could use. Center left at the back of the trellis is the tomatoes. Center left front on the ground are the Chives. Zucchini are barely visible in the back right side.

Black Cherry Tomatoes on the vine. They start green, turn purple, and then red. Beautiful!
An average weekly harvest for the cucumbers and zucchini this year.
Mid June harvest during a light summer shower.

One of our my favorite uses for zucchini is making bread with it. We like to try and grow plants that can be used in a diverse nice of recipes so nobody gets tired of eating from a high yield plant..

Zucchini bread fresh out of the oven.

We were very lucky and fortunate to be able to share so many tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini with our family and neighbors. The best part of having a garden is getting fresh wonderful food. The second best part is sharing it.

Best of luck to everyone with their garden projects! If you like this post, would like more info, want to share your story, or whatever, please email me or join us in the gardening or homesteading chats on Telegram.

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