Currently a group of us gather one weekend a month near Houston, Texas for training days. This usually falls to the third weekend of the month, but be sure to check the schedule to see if there have been any changes due to weather, holidays, or other events.

A few of the topics we cover here are gardening, homesteading, firearms training, medical, survival, bushcraft, camping trips, and more. Contact me for more information or for an invite.

More events are coming. Check back here for live updates. Thanks.

Next Event:

5/1/2021 – Bushcraft skills familiarization with skills races.

We will be going over the basics of starting fire (with primitive skills not lighters and matches), building shelter, and gathering water. I will provide a small variety of tools to use for cutting firewood and other task, not every tool is right for every job, and not every tool fits every hand the same way. If you have gear, tools, or equipment you would like to test please bring it. We will hold races at the end of the day to test what we have learned. The fastest will win a prize pack, there is a $5 buy in to compete.

Future Events:

5/15/2021 – Bushcraft overnight trip – Sam Houston National Forest – This will be a chance to test out any of the skills you already knew or have just learned. This will be invite only and will require a prior event’s attendance to join.

6/19/2021 – TBD
7/17/2021 – TBD
8/21/2021 – TBD
9/18/2021 – TBD
10/16/2021 – TBD
11/20/2021 – TBD
12/18/2021 – TBD

Past Events:

2/20/2021 – Victory Gardens – Postponed due to winter storm.
1/16/2021 – Radio Class
12/19/2020 – Marksmanship Fundamentals
11/14/2020 – Rifle/Pistol positional shooting
10/17/2020 – Rifle/Pistol Transitions
9/19/2020 – Gear Setup and working out the kinks
8/15/2020 – Concealed Carry
7/18/2020 – Small Unit Tactics 2
6/13/2020 – Small Unit Tactics 1
5/17/2020 – Pistol Advanced
4/19/2020 – Pistol Basics
3/29/2020 – Rifle Basics
2/16/2020 – Rifle Basics
1/12/2020 – Everyday Carry/ Concealed Carry
12/21/2019 – Long range precision rifle
11/9-10/2019 – Attending 2 man SWAT competition
10/12-13/2019 – Attending Waco Tactical Fitness Biathlon